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capital region. this is "washington business report" with abc7 national correspondent rebecca cooper. captioned by the national captiong institute --www.ncicap.o-- >> thanks foroining us for a look at business and finance here in the washington region. won election getting lots of attention inin the wororld of business and finance is a highly contested congressional race in our area. republican rcoe bartlett has held the st since he took office i1993 and has been longley favored.
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this is one race with the incumbt could be facing an upset. congreressman roscoe bartlett, welcome back to "washington busiss rort." you could be facing an upset. what do you think is going to happen? >> we wiwill have to wait and seeee what happens on election day. i aays run like i am 20. behind. >> where do you feel like y have strength going int tuesday? >> obviouslyly we haveoncerns in montgomery county because they do not know me. 55% of the district and westernn marylandnd, they know meow for 20 years. it has been a struggle getting acquainted with the new peopl in montgomery count >> it is an oddly drawn distri
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that everyonone aits was gerrymandered by the demrats. described to us whaparts are now in your district. >> down 270 a little bit to the east of 270 west, and the potomac. we have rockville. that is pretty muchur district of montgomomery count >> this is the election n where it all comes down to. what dififference could you make in congress to help fix the problems we're seeing in the economy? >> that voting right is for thehe pupurpose taxes so we are not driving busine out of our state and our country. we have the highest corporate tax rate in e world. regulations are just stifling. we do not need regulations that
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stiflele us out of our country and overseas. >> i think the washingtopost says in one of their a article your resumee is unusual. a auctial recipient in human physioiology, a scientist engineer inventor, dairy farmer solarioneer, and a potential survivalist. how many patents do you now hold? >> i have 20 patents total. >> youou bring a unique perspective to congress anand the washingt post has complemented do f working with both sidides. >> the washingtgton post is
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obviously a way to the left of center. >> let's talk about that endorsrsement because they had some specific thingthey singled outut. one of them was your alliance with the teaarty. >> ifou ask a milillion different members of what the tea party was, he would get a millllion dferent definitions. i think reteturningo constititutitional government is so important forr such a number of reasons. i was at the first tea party april 15 inn the rain d said please don't let this be a one- time event. we need you. i think the return tohe constitution is so importa. it is their only unifying puose that they have been tting everhing else they are fractured on.
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>> the e 99% 10 protesters and the tea party have so much alike in that respectct. therare many and the tepaparty that will now work together and find solutions. what is it do u think you could bridge between all the different sides >> i probably reach across the aisle more than anyone like you mentioned. i have an lot of very good friends on the other se of the i/o. the aisisle. i can genuinely l like people when i just disagree with their political pulse of the. i see that as an opportunity to convt them. >> let's talk about anothther
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coroversy. you said things like federal government's student loanon is a a slippery slslope toward the holocaust. >> what i id was ignoring the constitution to do good things if you are doing that today totomorrow you will do bad thing. i do not want to ignore th constitutionon. times have changed. if we need to do something today that was not permitteded by the constition, then we do o severa thin. we need to amend the constitution, that just ignore e constitution. with civil liberties at risk, we caot continue to be who we are. >> a explain studentnt lns. > is it a a good thihing? yes, providing loans to ststudents
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is a good thing. if you c ignore t constitution to do good things today, tomorrow you may y be ignoring it too babad things. it has everything g to do witthee consnstitution and civil liliberties. >> the washington post s said you were commiserating with the owner of the traffic on interstate 270 and you said "this is not the politically correct ing to say about when we drove the mother out of the home and io the wororkplace and replac her with a television set, that was not a good thing." >> it is absolutely essential that the mother to leave the home because of the requirements for iome. >> you think it would be bter -- >> i was simply sang this s what hpened in our society.
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it started in world war ii. >> this is something that people are trtrying to figure out. do you disapprove with the idea that women are working? >> i think that everybody i concerned about families and education and ki will tell you all things being equal the motherer in n the homes prprobably better forid but not all things are equal. it is a balancing act clearly we have problems in education. k-12 we are bringing uthe rear cpeting with almost any industrialized nation in the world. we used to be the envy of t the world. where ithe disconnect?
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>> w we have to wrap. >> we have a lot of f competition in 13 plus. >> spoken from a scientntist with 20 different patents. ngressman bartlett, you have always been generous with your time. thank you. coming up, challenger john delaney and a new twist. the number of the week is next. stay with us ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] from our nation's networks... ♪ ♪ our city streets... ♪ ♪ skies around the world... ♪ ♪ ...northrop grumman's security solutions are invisibly at work, protecting people's's lives... [
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> welcomeme bac time to test your knowledge with our number of the week ending 124. that is the number of years since a weather emergency forced the new york's the exchange to close off f for two days. a blizzard dumped 21 inches of snow taking down the telegraph lines. another snowstorm in 197878 came close. events other thaweather have
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triggered lolonger closures. four days after the attack on 9/11. aftethe break, a democrat is trying to take on roscoe bartlett for a seat in congrgress. first let's turn to the federal hot minute. >> so many of our governments missions require multi jurisdictional cooperation. our federal government must coordinate efforts othe state, local, and international level. the canadian government has decided to increase their spending in cyber security. the canadidian government will more than double spending on defenserom cyber attacks in response to the country's auauditor general's report stating that canada is not keeping pace with cyber threats.
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canada is not adequately prepared for a cyber attack which hass significant implatio for the many systems the united states as intertwined with them. for lilinks to articles mentntione in t when we switched to fios we
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necessssary. welcome to life on fios. contact thehe verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 y/v. >> welcome back. we have heard from congressman roscoe bartlett. now we tn to his challenger democrat john delaney from potomac. he raised eyebrows over the senate majority leleader but this newcomer has longg been known in the business world. a chevy chase based finance company grew into one of the largest before thehe evolving into a bank in los angeles. he recently joinedorces with a treasury official to form a partnership to better compete with the big guys. john delaney welcome to "washington business report."
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yoyou have an intereresting biography, the son of anan electrician who ended up at columbia university and then georgetown law school. now extremely successful. >> i came down here to law school where i m met my we. decided to stay in washington. i practiced law for a year and then i started into business. >> where did you get that know how? he you came from a union household. >> i hadad to work through college and law school. the firm was also a real-estate developer. i think that was one of the inspirations for me think about being an entrepreneur. >> you have evolved into a bank. >> we acquired a bank several
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years ago. it was one of the first failing stitutions we came in and saved. our business is always focused on lending money to small and midsize companies. we have built a good business focusing on n that niche. >> y have heard what your critics have said. the type of busininess that takes advantage of people in distress and businesses in distress. >> we were given an award in 2010 from the obama administration which was given to 60 ban in the couountry out of 8000. it is an exaxample of the kind of business we operate. we serve mom and pop businesses, growing businesses, and provide a terrific service. >>we h had a view that small banks were at a competitive
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disadvantage. i think s small community bananks arthe heart and soul of this country them that we allow them to pool their resources so they can share aspects to leverage scale and compete with lararger institutions. >> your friends say you have had other unique business opportunities. they say you decided to go in a different direction and run for congress. if you win, you will be a junior memember of congress. >> i think i can make a fference. creating over 2000 jobs and help over 5000 small businesses in the country. the private sesector create the jobs in this country but there is a clear role for government in making certain invements that we need for the private sector to thrive.
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can make a huge difference in our country. >> scoe bartlett is someone who works with both parties. wh do you ink you can do better than roscoe bartlett? >> i think the congressman as a member of the tea party is the definition of someone who does not work well together in congress. i think one of the problems we have had is we have not done thin. > you know he was nancy pelosi's date for a reason. democratats say they like roscoe bartlett.. >> that is not what i hear. what we need in congress is people who come from the private sect who are used to working with people from the other side who are used to getting thinings done. >> the w washingngton post endorsing you pointing to yourur acumen as a
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businessman. one of the first things they may be already doing in the lame duck s session is trying to deal with the fiscal cliff. what would you try to do to influence the course of events?s? >> tt is great example. thcost of doing nothing is not nothing then there are serious consequences. we had a golden opportunity with the sisimpson-bowles dicit commission report. i think they y were heroes for the work they did. they set us up for this s fiscal cliff. it should be deferred to the new congress that the people are now collececting and the new congress ould take the simpson-bowles proposal which is a terrific straw maman on how toeal with the deficit in a lanced manner. ththat is the ly way to deal with the deficit, in a balanced
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approaoach. i would put that upor the congress and work with that proposal. >> you would be partners with a popular maryryland democrat who also has a position sitting as he does in the ranking position on the budget committee e who was involved in all those negotiations behind the scenes at the white house, saying they did not want to go as far as sisimpson-bowles. whwhat do you say to chris van hollen? >> chris is a terrific member of congress and served the country beautifully. what the one to focus on is going forward. think however simpson-bowles is a great proposal. i am very supportive of it and i think is the blueprint we ne to follow. we cannot all agree on erything. >> i have to make evenadmit iis tough
9:53 am
waiting. >> the d deficit situation is the central issue facing this country. the only way to fix it is througugh a balanced approach. people are going to c come the table initially with their very strong opinions, but we have to wowork together and come up with a compromise where everyone compromises. that is what the country needs. john delaney, a man with four daughters and a wife at home, probably used to having to make compromise. thank you. we will be back with some ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> and thanks for joining us for "washington business report." be sure to tune in next week for our post-t-election program. you have options for how to connect with us. we hope to see you again right back here again on sunday. i'm rebecca cooper.. thks for joining us. captioned by the national captioning institutute
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